Hoy Recovery Program, Inc. has been dedicated to healing the community since 1974. When addiction and substance abuse services are approached and provided in a manner that is culturally relevant to our community, the individuals served, as well as their loved ones, come away with an enhanced and strengthened outlook and a new lease on life. We aim to provide these services in an environment that’s safe, clinical and trauma-informed while also maintaining a sensitivity and awareness of each individual’s lived experiences.

Hoy Recovery Program, Inc. is unlike any other substance abuse treatment center in the state. Truly holistic, we care for the whole client–body, mind and spirit, while maintaining spiritually neutral treatments. Our unique approach leads both our residents and those receiving our outpatient services to take their experiences at our center and transition them into their daily lives, allowing for successful recovery even after they’ve left. Our method–a balance of evidence-based, best-practice models for addiction treatment and a traditional healing approach–just makes sense.

Our use of individual and group counseling as well as acupuncture and exercise, which have long been found to be effective in addiction treatment, pair well with traditional Northern New Mexico healing methods with which many of our clients are familiar with, comfortable with, and have grown up with. Curanderas (traditional healers) lead our clients through meditation, and a temazcal, or sweat lodge, is also an integral part of treatment. At Hoy, we also believe in the healing power of relaxation and restoration, so poetry, art, and gardening are a part of our client’s daily lives.

Hoy Recovery Program, Inc. strengthens individuals, families and our communities beyond by providing culturally relevant substance abuse services in a safe, clinical and trauma-informed environment. We are a spiritually neutral facility with a mission to treat each person holisti­cally and prepare them for a balanced and prosperous life outside recovery.

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Hoy Recovery Program - 612 N. Paseo de Onate Espanola, NM