Southwest Care Center Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that supports the mission of Southwest Center by providing a wide array of services to all of our patients in a private setting regardless of disease state. We treat a wide variety of conditions, and we specialize in Hepatitis C and HIV. All of our pharmacists are certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and have extensive training in the latest Hepatitis C therapies. Our pharmacy staff is focused on helping patients take their medications safely and correctly to be as healthy as possible. We provide the highest level of care in a judgement-free setting.

Preventing Drug Overdose: Our pharmacists can provide a medicine kit to keep at home in case you or a friend or family member accidentally takes too much pain medicine.
649 Harkle Road, Suite C, Santa Fe, NM 87505.
Phone Number(s)
Call Santa Fe Office: (505) 989-8154
Call Albuquerque Office: (505) 780-4044
Southwest CARE Center Pharmacy - 649 Harkle Road, Suite C, Santa Fe, NM 87505.